Check out some of our favorite websites!! We *heart* you, friends and community.

SL Design Designers Chris Sheffield and Kate Rohrer- the masterminds’ behind One Shot’s decor!

Rabbit Rabbit Crew  a local collective events team, with everything from photography to invites to flowers

Saved Tattoo Great ink spot in Brooklynone of Melissa’s favorite places

Stumptown Coffee Brooklyn roasted, direct trade, organic coffee. Only the best!

The 700 Club Bar  The best gin and FRESH PRESSED grapefruit in town

Ash Imagery Photography  A great friend, and an amazing photographer. Seriously talented pictures.

The Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association Hello Neighbor!

Mast Bros Chocolate Brooklyn’s own chocolate

The Somers Real Estate Team Have a house? Need a house? Contact the Somers Team! Keepin’ the beats fresh at One Shot and around the world A CT hometown favorite. Hi Will!! Local artist, photographer, and One Shot regular Local photographer who knows a rock star when she see’s one! Handmade, handcrafted, handpicked gifts! The one, the only, Jamie O! Think tank, mercantile, cafe= Art in The Age


3 responses to “FRIENDS & COMMUNITY

  1. I love the new website! How do I get on it? I’m an OG friend and family!!

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